NPG energy has been founded in Tongeren in 2008, Belgium. Since 2013 NPG energy has welcomed a new partner named Enovos as shareholder. Enovos is the leading energy company of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and his main shareholder is the Luxembourgish State. Enovos foresees an important part of his sustainable growth in the Benelux and thereby entirely supports the company vision and strategy of NPG energy. Enovos has production and clients in Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium. Some key figures are 1380 employees, 14 TWh electricity, 32 TWh gas, 9000 km electricity network and 3600 km gas network. In Belgium Enovos also delivers electricity and gas to medium-sized and big companies.

Since September 2017 Enovos is the only shareholder of NPG energy.

For further information about Enovos you can visit their website.

Corporate vision

Green for Growth

Green energy production is a new sector which will contribute to the sustainable growth of industrial regions and a better life for everyone.

Growth for Green

NPG participates in this development and contributes to the achievement of the 20-20-20 targets.